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Living in a capital city or regional centre means easy access to your doctor and in turn, a specialist, not so simple if you live in rural or isolated Queensland.

For those living in these communities, a trip to the nearest doctor or specialist could be many hours away, a long road trip and/or a flight into the closet city.

On top of the vast distance to travel is the worry and stress of leaving your property and livelihood and all of this added to the fact that you are unwell in the first instance.

Girls Got Heart (GGH) organises multi-day cycling events to raise funds to help change the access of critical health services to these isolated communities – to give them what people living in the city have at their fingertips.

GGH supports the program of Dr. Rolf Gomes and his initiative Heart of Australia and the Heart Trucks.


The GGH annual event, ‘Ride with Heart 2019’ will cover 750km over five continuous days. A team of 40 like-minded women wanting to do something bigger than themselves will leave Brisbane on 12th August 2019, riding on the glorious roads of outback Queensland, completing a five-day challenge that will make a real difference to people living in these isolated communities.

We will ride into these rural communities, immersing ourselves in the spirit of people who face these logistical problems every day. We aim to let them know we are listening to their needs and doing something to help change the situation with the benefit of creating connections and friendships along the way.


Fundraising doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, so Girls Got Heart will help you along the way.  We can also offer fundraising tips and can work with you to make it a fun and achievable fundraising plan. The Girls Got Heart team will be there every step of the way to assist you with your fundraising needs.

Everyone’s reasons for fundraising are different, and this is your chance to let the world know why you’ve chosen Girls Got Heart. Whether you’ve personally benefited from the services or you feel strongly about the work we are doing for others, let everyone know!

Girls Got Heart has set up a fundraising platform page with Everyday Hero.  This is free platform making fundraising very easy for you. You can design your own page, share it with all your social media networks and via email.  You will watch your fundraising grow! These platforms also generate tax-deductible receipts for your donors so you don’t have to. It is very easy to use and interactive for your donors to watch your journey. 

Let’s get started……..



Heart disease is a leading cause of death in Australia.

People living in rural or remote areas are up to 44 percent more likely to die from the condition than their city-dwelling counterparts.

"At the moment rural Queensland is in drought.  Families are leaving and they are not coming back.  So whoever we have out here we need to keep them alive.

When someone falls ill out west they are hundreds and hundreds of kilometers from a city.  They have to find their way to the city, find accommodation, and then stay there. So you have to be able to afford it.  It’s a real headache. So many adjustments, lots of people, lots of people you don’t know, you gotta get someone to look after the property, a neighbour, friend, or a relative, and there is follow up treatment.  You gotta go back. It’s all too hard".  

Scott & Anne-maree Attwooll, Meandarra 2018

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Channel 7 News team surprised the GGH Peloton in Toowoomba. 

A quick interview for the local nightly news before GGH rode west to Dalby.  Local supporters come and showed their appreciation along the route. August 2017.

“Car Karaoke”. 

The GGH support team look after all the riders while they take time out in the support vehicles. If you find yourself in the car, it is FUN time.  While hydrating, and topping up your nutrition you also have time to belt out a couple of good tunes! September 2018.

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